Although western medicine may call it heartburn, the healing art of acupuncture refers to reflux as stomach heat.  These names share a reference to high temperature.  Indeed both fields, western medicine and acupuncture, acknowledge the inflammation present in the organ of the stomach.  The name heartburn makes some think that the stomach’s proximity to the heart explains why people may think this inflammation should be credited to the heart.  


In acupuncture, we know that reflux can be a source of weight gain.  In fact, reflux is linked to ravenous hunger that leads to weight gain.  This hunger results from the body’s message to the sufferer: “please put out this fire down here and eat something, already!!!”  Another message the body may send is a craving for ice cold water to put out the stomach’s fire.  Unfortunately, such cold temperature actually temporarily paralyzes the stomach, weakening it further.  
Another comorbidity involves B12 deficiency.  Usually reflux sufferers have a degree of B12 deficiency.  This insufficient amount of B12 emerges from a prevention of the vitamin’s absorption in the duodenum (which is the first part of the intestines).  The reflux condition interferes with absorption.  Thus, you may want to request that your primary care physician check your B12 levels.  


To be proactive, you may also address the likely B12 deficiency by taking this vitamin in a way which bypasses digestion.  A topical B12 solution along with acupuncture can improve symptoms and promote healing in the stomach.  Acupuncture points that may be used are on the upper abdomen on the body’s midline pointed down to counteract the upward flow of stomach acid.  Likewise, a stomach point on the feet near the toes serves to draw energy down.
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